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AES 75
AES 75 2022
AES standard for acoustics û Measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels using noise
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AES 76
AES 76 2022
AES standard for audio forensics - Speech Collection Guidelines for Speaker Recognition: Interviewing at a Temporary Location
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AES 31-3
AES 31-3 2021
AES standard for network and file transfer of audio - Audio-file transfer and exchange - Part 3: Simple project interchange
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AES R16 2021
AES Standards Report - PTP parameters for AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059-2 interoperability
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AES R20 2021
AES Standards Report - AES67 beyond the LAN
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AES 2ID 2020
AES information document for digital audio engineering _ Guidelines for the use of the AES3 interface
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AES 10
AES 10 2020
AES Recommended Practice for Digital Audio Engineering _ Serial Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI)
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AES 10ID 2020
AES information document for digital Audio Engineering - Engineering guidelines for the multichannel audio digital interface AES10 (MADI)
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AES 11
AES 11 2020
AES recommended practice for digital audio engineering - Synchronization of digital audio equipment in studio operations
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AES 12ID 2020
Information Document for digital audio measurements - Jitter performance specifications
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